Specters of slavery


“Don’t you miss my play a second time!” Daniel Boyd Beaty brings <span style=Emergence-See! back to Sacramento.">

“Don’t you miss my play a second time!” Daniel Boyd Beaty brings Emergence-See! back to Sacramento.

Rated 5.0

In Daniel Boyd Beaty’s Emergence-See!, a ghostly slave ship sails up to the Statue of Liberty with the spirit of a 400-year-old African tribal chief at the helm. New York City is thrown into a media frenzy—which Beaty explores through 40 characters, young and old, from different racial and economic backgrounds. The 90-minute one-man show incorporates slam poetry, singing, dramatic monologues and loopy humor.

Emergence-See! ran at La Mama Experimental Theatre Club in New York City, where it was favorably reviewed by The New York Times and the Village Voice. Beaty brought the show to Sacramento last November, as part of writer and producer William Parker’s series featuring black solo performers.

This week’s return engagement is highly recommended. It’s a standout piece, and Beaty’s writing, acting and singing, and his command of humor and pathos leave a deep impression. The venue is off the beaten track, but those who make the effort to find this show will not be disappointed.