Soup to slurp

Shoki Ramen House

2675 24th St.
Sacramento, CA 95818

(916) 454-2411

Stepping into Shoki Ramen House for the first time feels like entering one of those rumored hole-in-the-walls in New York City where the food is legendary and one could be denied sustenance if ordered incorrectly, Soup Nazi style. But those are rumors. What’s real is that Shoki’s been concocting ramen in Curtis Park (2675 24th Street) for a few years now and has recently opened a second location downtown (1201 R Street). Traditionally, ramen broth is made with cute barnyard animal parts and fish, but Shoki offers a vegan version (and gluten-free noodles for celiacs). Ramen curious? It’s worth a slurp.