Soul Plane

Rated 1.0 Raunchy and otherwise crude attempts at humor fuel this Airplane-like spoof of the airways. An airline customer (Kevin Hart) is awarded more than $100 million after his dog is ejected from the cargo area of a commercial flight and sucked into a jet engine. He uses the money to start an airline of his own with the motto “We fly. We party. We land.” The mostly African-American crew and passengers of his inaugural flight include a dope-smoking pilot (Snoop Dogg), a lone Caucasian family (with Tom Arnold as a frustrated parent) and a blind man (John Witherspoon) who gropes every woman within range. Though most of the misadventure takes place in the air, two robust security matrons (Mo#&146;Nique and Sommore) armed with metal-detector wands provide the biggest laughs.