Something green, something new

My daughter wants to have a “green” wedding. Any tips to help make this happen?

Let it be known that I, the Treehugger, do not condone the patriarchal institution of marriage. Love cannot be defined by a piece of paper and an overpriced floral motif. When my partner and I decided to commit forever, we meditated in the wilderness for three straight hours until our spirit animals joined hands, and we all danced in a circle singing Phish songs. Wait, did I just say that out loud? Where was I? (Where am I?)

Ah, yes, institutionalizing your daughter. Send out wedding invitations written on 100 percent post-consumer recycled paper ( Or bypass paper altogether and send out an e-vite directing guests to a gorgeous wedding blog or Web site that your daughter can customize. Next, assess where your guests are traveling from, and consider a location that requires the least amount of total driving for everyone invited. Encourage guests to carpool.

I find cutting plants just for decorations to be vulgar. My solution for the oh-so-important floral motif? Potted plants that guests can take home and replant in their gardens. Be sure to pick something hearty that can withstand the variety of climates and soil consistencies of your various guests’ backyards.

For eats, check out Sacramento’s own Magpie Caterers, committed to using “a mix of organic, seasonal and locally grown produce to create menus that reflect the cultural and culinary fabric of northern California.” Visit to learn more.

If you know how to sew, get creative with the wedding gown. Transform antique and vintage fabrics into a one-of-a-kind gown that’s both “something old, something new.” If your daughter’s into buying used clothing, consider buying a secondhand wedding dress.

What you buy says a lot about your level of participation in the green movement, so bear these things in mind when choosing a store for the registry: Only sign up for what you absolutely need to minimize waste, and give guests the option of donating to an environmental charity in your name in lieu of a gift. Now there’s a way to enhance your prominence in the green scene.

After the big day, send the happy couple off on a honeymoon inspired by and rest easy. You know what they say about a sustainable wedding: It ensures sustainable love.