SN&R’s super quick interview with ‘Pizza Guy’ and Sacramento King Ben McLemore

He says tip your delivery driver

We here at SN&R believe in the magic of The Pizza Guy.

Allow us to explain: Locally owned chain Pizza Guys brought former King Isaiah Thomas on board a few years ago to be a spokesperson. The nickname stuck: He was The Pizza Guy. And his game got chili-flakes hot.

But then the Kings decided not to pay Thomas, so he left for Phoenix (where, coincidentally, one of the nation's top pizza spots, Pizzeria Bianco, rests).

Today, Kings sophomore Ben McLemore is the new Pizza Guy. And wouldn't you know his game is spicy so far this year: Shooting nearly 50 percent from the field and, in general, being a spark on the court.

But whatever, basketball. Let's talk pizza:

Hi, Ben. Can you help us solve the riddle of a lifetime: How much should you tip a pizza-delivery guy?

How fast did he get it to me? LOL. Nah, I take care of delivery people. They're working hard.

What’s the best thing about being The Pizza Guy?

Endorsing a product that I like and working with a great company. But [it's] low key, free pizza.

All right, so what’s your fav style pizza?

Sausage and pepperoni.

What do you like to eat when you’re not eating pizza?

My mom's cooking.