SN&R is thankful for …

Our writers, editors and designers give thanks

Our editorial and design staffers are thankful for:

Health insurance (some of us new hires and part-timers will have it for the first time in years, thanks to health-care reform).

People who choose not to use leaf blowers.

Renewed urban development, particularly projects such as the Broadway Triangle in Oak Park.

Everyone following us on Twitter.

Collaborative playlists on Spotify. We don’t have to worry about finding new music; our co-workers do all the work for us.

Hot bowls of pho and ramen.

Living in Midtown and getting exercise by walking to all our favorite restaurants and shops.

People who don’t buy animals, and instead adopt them from local shelters.

Beer, beer, beer.

The city’s (slowly increasing) bike-friendliness.

Edward Snowden, and that he hasn’t yet intercepted our emails.

Latkes at Thanksgivukkah dinner.

Our mayor, because no matter what people say, at least he doesn’t smoke crack.

Having a job (especially, for some of us, after 14 months of unemployment).

Local artists who push, try and succeed getting by with good word of mouth and a little help from their friends.

Sacramento’s coffeehouses—the good, locally owned ones.

Sacramento County District Attorney Jan Scully not running for re-election.

Clean water.

Crunchy, colorful leaves underfoot in the urban forest.

Keeping the Kings in town.

Garden tomatoes, which are still producing in November. (Thanks, climate change!)

Sacramento’s jankiness.

Our readers!