SN&R dishes out a recipe for vegan tofu pudding dessert.

Illustration by Mark Stivers

I just got back from a trip to Taiwan, and one sweet treat in particular stood out: tofu pudding. OK, it sounds a bit weird in theory, but it's not too different from the taste or consistency of a store-bought can of tapioca pudding—and you can find all the ingredients to make it in Sacramento. Here's the best way to make tofu hua (tofu flower) as the Taiwanese call it: First grab some of the soft and sweet soybean pudding at Fay Wong Tofu (6464 Stockton Boulevard), then head down the street to 99 Ranch Market (4220 Florin Road) to pick up boba or tapioca balls. Boil the boba in water until they're thoroughly soft. In a large cup, add the boba, then stick the tofu pudding on top, and fill the rest of the cup with crushed ice. That's it. Optional: Add some boiled peanuts for extra flavor and a little bit of texture. Bonus: It's vegan.