Rated 4.0 A wild assortment of low-lifes from the underbelly of London’s crime world, with names like Franky Four Finger, Bullet Tooth Tony, and Doug the Head, leap into the frenzied search for a stolen 84-carat diamond. Writer/director Guy Ritchie’s frantic, riotous caper comedy never stops coming at you; his broad, unsubtle style is to pound away relentlessly at his story, giving the outlandish goings-on an aura of seedy farce and a breakneck street-wise energy. Be warned: the profanity and violence are nonstop, and Ritchie tends toward a rather amoral acceptance of his characters’ sleazy lifestyle. That said, the film delivers a lot of cheeky laughs, including a very funny turn by Brad Pitt as a Gypsy bare-knuckle boxer with a brogue so thick not even the other characters in the film can understand him.