Smokin’ the joint

Does Kanye West jam joints?

Does Kanye West jam joints?

Capitol Garage

1500 K St.
Sacramento, CA 95814

(916) 444-3633

Joints and Jams isn’t about pot-smoking grandmas canning boysenberry preserves. It’s about Sacto emcees joining together with local deejays and kicking out all your favorite old-school hits of yesterday. For instance, this month’s “volume two” edition of the recurring hip-hop night, presented by deejay troupe Sleeprockers, will feature a round-table emcee tribute to Kanye West’s beats. Let me explain: Deejays will bust out Kanye jams, and emcees will tear up the joint by freestyling over the beats. This month, performers will include TASK1ne, A.R.A.B., Keno, Keisha Mondy, DJ Jun, I Wonder, Century, DJ Rated R, DJ Nocturnal and DJ Mr. Vibe. The throwdown will be hosted by J.Rockit and TAIS. With special guest appearance by Taylor Swift. OK, not really. Joints and Jams goes down this Thursday, September 30, 9 p.m., at Capitol Garage, 1500 K Street; $5.