Smashing style

Mone’t Ha-Sidi


Mone’t Ha-Sidi is so much more than an innovative, talented hairstylist at Mecca Salon in Midtown (913 30th Street). Ha-Sidi is arguably the world’s No. 1 Smashing Pumpkins fan: She’s seen the band 33 times—not to mention her 36 tattoos. There’s more: She teaches burlesque and also pole dancing. I sat down in Ha-Sidi’s chair for a cut and a chat (full disclosure: I paid for the trim, and it was worth it).

This is the first time I’ve interviewed someone who had a sharp object held to my head. Should I be more adventurous with my hairstyle?

There are some hairstylists that think the opposite of what somebody has is what they need to do, but I don’t believe that. I believe what somebody gets done to their hair should totally be reflective of who they are, not you the stylist imposing what you want to see.

What hair trends do you like?

I think right now hair is trending toward more natural looks, the baliage technique, which most hairstylists are using. … My favorite era in hair is the ’70s, because if you watch, say, the movie Carrie, their hair is so beautiful to me.

So why Smashing Pumpkins?

For me, growing up as someone who struggled with depression and other things in life as a teenager, their music made me feel less alone. So it was kind of like a thing that, with his lyrics, I could tell he’d been through the same thing. So if he could get through it, then I could, too.

How many Pumpkins tattoos do you have now, and which is your favorite?

I have 36 now. I don’t think I actually have a favorite, because they’re all very meaningful to me. I would say that my flower, which is representative of the Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness CDs, is one of my favorites. … Billy has seen them. He’s made jokes about them.

What did Billy Corgan say?

Well, when I first met him, I had one. And I’ve now met him 20-something times. So, a few times after that, I had met him and had gotten their names in Japanese characters. And I got Darcy [Wretzky]’s name in there, and he said, “That’s cool you got Darcy’s name in there.” And then a few years later at his solo shows in 2005, I only had seven. And he’s all, “Well, where’s the tattoo of my face at?” And I said, “Well, I don’t know, people might think it’s of someone else.” [He said,] “Homer Simpson?” [I said,] “Nah, Mr. Clean.”

As a hairstylist, does it bother you that Billy doesn’t have any?

He used to have hair. Interesting-looking hair. … I’m not bothered by the shaved head, it’s just a different Billy. It’s like a different point in time, when he came out with that bald head in the “1979” video.

Why did you become a stylist?

I wanted a career rather than a job, so I wanted to become a massage therapist. But then I was like, I talk too much to do that. So I became a hairstylist. And it’s agreed with me.

What do people normally talk about when they’re getting their hair cut?

Anything from celebrities to what’s going on in their life to wanting to know what’s going on in my life, because I do a lot of side projects.

Let’s do a quick rundown of your side projects.

I teach pole dancing, lap dance, and I do burlesque. All at the same place [Sacramento Pole Dance Studio in Natomas]. It’s a fun thing. I like it and it’s exercise. … I’ve been at it for two years, and I’ve taught women from 18 years old to 55 years old.

What kind of pole dancing do you teach 55-year-old women?

Whatever pole dancing 55-year-old women feel capable of doing. … There was actually a guy in class last night; I’ve taught a few guys. … For anybody who denies the exercise aspects of it, try taking a class and see how you feel.

Do you approve of Billy Corgan’s love life?

Well, I’m glad I’m not on Twitter, because he Tweets about his girlfriend like a 14-year-old would Tweet about their girlfriend. She’s what, 23, from the Veronicas? Yeah. And then him and Courtney Love always bicker back and forth about whatever. …

Do you know anyone who does TV production?

Um, maybe. Why?

I’m thinking about turning my dating misadventures into webisodes.

What would the first episode be?

On this bisexual, cross-dressing cokehead guy.

How come cokeheads can never clean the coke off their nose?

I don’t know. And they use mirrors to snort off of, so it’s like, “Don’t you see that?”