Sing me!

‘My Country ’Tis of Thee’ on life support

Jaime O’Neill is a retired teacher and freelance writer

Our country came to be
A land of insolvency
It’s thee they sting.
Land where our fathers cried,
Scammed while the barons lied
And strip mined ev’ry mountainside
Where greed was king.

Our sleeping nation, thee,
Land of lost equity,
Thy games we love.
We love the scams and shills
Of banks and health-care bills
Our debt their coffers fill,
With all they can shove.

Bailouts our burdens ease
On credit from the Chinese,
To whom we owe.
Their products fill our stores
And give our children sores
While unemployment soars,
And feeds our woe.

Land of big cor’prate greed
Into the pool they peed,
And stained us all.
The billions Madoff stole
Went down a huge rathole,
Our banks are all on the dole,
And stocks did fall.

Retirement plans are toast
Through old age we will not coast,
Those times have fled.
We’ll greet folks at Wal-Marts
Until time stops our hearts
And we slump o’er the shopping carts
’Til they pronounce us dead.

Now everyone can see
The unregulated thievery
That Bush did bring.
Bankers were livin’ big,
AIG actin’ like a pig,
CEO was a real good gig
That brought the bling.

But now a page we’ve turned,
Knowing that we’ve been burned
By Wall Street crooks,
We’re for transparency
And no more leniency
For all that miscreancy
That cooked the books.

Can Obama save our butts
From all the right-wing nuts
Who sank our boat?
Will stimulus billions make?
The bankers cease the rake
That plopped the cherry on their cake
Which caused the bloat?

It remains yet to be seen
If we’ll still have the means
To pay the bill.
Can we still school our kids
And contract out no-bids?
Or are we on the skids
That lead downhill?