Simon & Garfunkel

Old Friends Live on Stage

It’s not just a trip down memory lane: Simon & Garfunkel’s live performance of the best songs from their fruitful, five-decade-long collaboration takes on new energy as well as some new arrangements. This two-CD set was recorded on last year’s tour—which included a stop at Arco Arena—and it’s full of their familiar harmonies, with some occasionally surprising and welcome twists. For example, instead of the pop-flavored hubris of youth, “I Am a Rock” now carries a ballad-like weight of experience. One of the high points is “Bye Bye Love,” in which they’re joined by Don and Phil Everly for an energetic rendition of one of the great anthems to love gone wrong. Art Garfunkel’s effortless harmonies improve on Paul Simon’s solo work, as well. A special edition that includes a DVD is also available.