Shower power

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State legislators have been urged by area bicyclists to pass Assembly Bill 163 before things get a little stinky at state workplaces. The bill would require that all state buildings in California provide short-term-visitor bicycle parking, long-term bicycle employee parking, showers and clothing lockers. The bill, also known as the Green and Healthy Workplace Bicycle Facilities Act of 2007, was introduced by Assemblyman Tony Mendoza, D-Norwalk, and is heavily supported by the Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates.

Many of the current bicycle facilities at state workplaces are either inadequate or misused or both, according to Walt Seifert, executive director of SABA.

“An example is the state Capitol building. They have lots of people who do bike to work. There’s no place to shower or store clothing. Having a shower would be nice on an occasion.”

Seifert also pointed out that the California EPA building on I Street has used their state-furnished bike lockers as storage units for office equipment. The problem has since been rectified, according to Seifert.

The bill has been referred to the Committee on Business and Professions and is scheduled to be heard on April 24, 2007.