Shake it all about

John Dwyer of San Francisco’s the Thee Oh Sees brings the heat to last Saturday’s Fuck Yeah Fest in Los Angeles (the next day, his band played the Mayyors farewell show in Davis, to boot).

John Dwyer of San Francisco’s the Thee Oh Sees brings the heat to last Saturday’s Fuck Yeah Fest in Los Angeles (the next day, his band played the Mayyors farewell show in Davis, to boot).


Stuck in my head:
SN&R asked its Facebook crowd at what songs they were addicted to lately and why. Here’s the lowdown:

Giovanni Martinez: “AM/FM” by Chk Chk Chk, because it makes you move and groove with that slinky bass, pounding drums and awesome guitar hooks.

Rebecca Wick: “Skipper Dan” by Weird Al [Yankovic], ’cause he played it at the state fair and anything combining Weird Al and Disney is awesome. Also … “I Came to Play” by Downstait. The Miz’s theme is awesome just like him!

David Blue Garrison: Sea of Bees’ “Willis.” Local band. It’s an amazing song you can listen to on repeat.

Wolf Queen: The entire Hazards of Love album by the Decemberists; it’s an awesome CD it takes me off to a story land.

Joel Davis: “Addicted to Love” by Robert Palmer. Not really.

Byron Clark: “No Agreement” by Fela Kuti. The song has an infectious groove that makes me want to run in place while I listen to Lester Bowie’s killer trumpet solo and Fela’s powerful lyrics.

Emily Baker: Cee Lo’s “Fuck You,” because it’s the jam of the year. Also you can hum it at annoying people all day long without them knowing your real message.

Shari Mannering: “I Kissed a Girl,” because when my [boyfriend] was jealous of the time I spend with my friends and wanted me to stop seeing them and I refused, he asked me if I was gay. OMG! Can someone say “insecure”!

Jamie Cardenas: “(In) Reverse” by Sister Crayon. Reppin’ Sacramento!

Omar Craviotto: Local? “I’m Alright” by Agent Ribbons (although I guess they are Texans now). National? “Fuck [You]” by Cee Lo!

Jay Raney: “Two Soldiers,” a traditional Civil War tune arranged and performed by Jerry Garcia and David Grisman. The guitar and mando riff is haunting and pretty. The song reminds me old friends and good times, even though it’s a sad one.

Brian Huck: I’m between addictions right now.

Carcerys Vale: I’m gonna have to go with “The Breaker’s Commission” by For Today. Something about it is so epic, yet simple.

Will Martin: I’m addicted to making my life turn to shit as much as possible as quickly as possible.

Karla Simmons: “Teenage Dream” by Katy Perry. It reminds me of my new man and how he makes me feel.

Chelsea Wolfe: “Nothing Else Matters” by Metallica. Soo romantic, these human beings.

Dawne McCrary: “Hillbilly Bone” by Blake Shelton. It has become my and my girl’s summer song; every time it’s on, we turn it up and sing.

Jason Cassidy: “It’s Raining Men” [by the Weather Girls]; no good reason.

Sarah Singleton: Ditto the Cee Lo. Record of the year.

Amy Tremayne: “Dig” by Mudvayne. “Let me help you tie that rope around your neck”—this lyric explains how I feel when the world is pissing me off, like when I’m driving home. It helps me cope with my road rage. So everyone in Sac can thank Mudvayne for saving your neck.

Josh Clemens: Eddie Vedder’s “Guaranteed.” This song, because it always makes me think of the true guarantees I have, like my wife and son.

Mary Calvert: “The Passenger” by Iggy Pop. a) His voice is damn sexy. b) With Bowie singing backup, how could you go wrong? c) It’s Iggy fucking Pop! Enough said.

Jason Kentros: “Cameo” off Devo’s new CD, Something for Everybody. It’s about the funk artist who gave us “Word Up,” and it’s fun and funky.

Rorie Oliver: “Faithfully” by Journey. Always por vida.

Willy Seltzer: The theme to Super Why!, a KVIE morning cartoon, because my daughter is 13 months old and that’s what she likes to watch every morning.

Steve Schellenger: “This Must Be the Place” by Talking Heads, because summer is winding down and I’m trying to squeeze in the last of any happy feel-good music before things get dark and gloomy.

Terra Lopez: “Mojo Pin” by Jeff Buckley, because he is God.

Adam Varona: “Modern Blues” off of Kula Shaker’s new album Pilgrims Progress. One of the great unsung bands of our generation, and any song that implores you “Don’t follow leaders / tear up your Nietzsche” is a pretty cool tune in my book!

Blake Abbey: “Lucifer” by Doom Bird.

Jared Konopitski: “The Hokey Pokey.” Seriously. For some reason it snuck into my head and I can’t get it out! Maybe the universe is truly telling me, that “The Hokey Pokey” itself really is what it is all about.