Rated 2.0

In the 1970s, a disco singer named Jackie Moon (Will Ferrell) buys an American Basketball Association team and makes himself head coach, star forward and chief promoter. When the ABA merges with the NBA, Jackie and his teammates suddenly get serious about their game. Ostensibly written by Scot Armstrong and directed by Kent Alterman, the movie appears to be as much a vanity production for Ferrell as the team is for Jackie, bearing many of the marks of Will Ferrell unrestrained: the retro clothes and music, the sports obsession, the body-image narcissism. It’s not a very good movie, but you can’t have Ferrell without getting a few good laughs here and there. Woody Harrelson and André Benjamin play two of Ferrell’s teammates, while Maura Tierney (as Harrelson’s ex-wife) wanders in from some other movie.