See Spot Run

Rated 1.0 Oh look! See the mailman (David Arquette). The mailman hates dogs. See the gangster (Paul Sorvino).The gangster hates one dog, an FBI dog. Hate hate hate. See the FBI dog bite the gangster in the bad place. Oh! Ouch! See the gangster send bad men to hurt the FBI dog. See the FBI dog hide with the mailman and the cute little boy. They call him Spot. See the mailman hate Spot. See the mailman fall down in doo-doo. So funny! Ha! Ha! Ha! See the mailman start to like Spot. See him throw the Frisbee for Spot to run after. See the bad men hunt Spot. See the mailman and the boy hide with Spot. See writers. Ten writers! So many writers to make so little! See Spot. Spot looks so friendly. Spot looks so smart. Maybe Spot should write movies. Maybe writers should run after Frisbees and bite gangsters.