Season of the Witch

Rated 2.0

In this latest Nicolas Cage credibility blaster, the Great Wigged One plays Behmen, a legendary 1330s knight of the Crusades, who puts down his sword rather than kill women and children (just like the real crusaders did!). Wandering the countryside, Behmen and his compatriot, Felson, come across a town beset by plague, which the local clergy believes to be the work of an accused witch (Claire Foy). For a film that touches on the Crusades (rendered in History Channel-worthy CGI), the Black Death, witches, exorcisms, demons and devil dogs, Season of the Witch is remarkably slight on plot; most of the film is just Cage glowering monotonously. There are enough cheesy throwaway lines to make you wonder why director Dominic Sena didn’t just cast his lot and make a full-fledged comedy. It couldn’t be any less funny than the Your Highness trailer.