Sat., March 09, Sandra Dolores

Harlow's Restaurant & Nightclub, 7 p.m., $7-$10

Every year on my birthday, I set aside time to eat whipped cream and listen to Lisa Loeb as an homage to my bygone teenage years. For those who are similarly inclined and have given up hope of hearing a live rendition of “Stay,” singer-songwriter and Stockton native Sandra Dolores (pictured) evokes earlier-era artists such as Joni Mitchell and '90s singer-songwriters like Shawn Colvin, Paula Cole and Loeb. Also on the bill: Adrian Bellue and CAVE Women, an all-girl five-piece that boasts impressive vocal harmonies and a singular assembly of accordion, flute, jazz guitar and mbira; its jazzy, folksy, bossa nova sound is unlike any other local ensemble. 2708 J Street,