Sat, July 18, Indie vs. Hardcore Fest

Club Retro; 4 p.m.; $10 advance, $14 door; $20 VIP

I have to admit it: I’m a sucker for mixing genres. So, the Indie vs. Hardcore Fest this weekend is not immune. I’m not sure if the “vs.” implies some sort of Battle Royale or what, but I’m envisioning a West Side Story remake onstage featuring Josiah James, Pacific Lights and Consider the Thief (pictured, on some kind of no-tree indie hill), all of them snapping fingers for the “indie” side and making intimidating faces at the “hardcore” folks, which include Mozart Season, Carcery’s Vale and To Save a Hero. Maybe we’ll all just get along, do a live mash-up and scream about Jesus. Dream big. 6521 Hazel Avenue in Orangevale.