Sat., April 13, Hattie Craven

The Palms Playhouse, 8 p.m., $15

Joe Craven's name may be more familiar than his 11-year-old child Hattie's, but she's a force for her age. This Saturday at The Palms Playhouse, she's releasing her first CD, Eleven. Jazz, Americana, reggae, Latin, roots and inspirational describe the music she prefers. She's also a growing songwriter, actor, ukulele player and honor-roll student, and she's involved in athletics. She's been known to share her music at convalescent hospitals and perform at various music festivals. She even launched an Indiegogo campaign. She'll be performing with the Joe Craven Trio, which features keyboards, key bass, drums, fiddle, mandolin, found sound, vocals and maybe a few surprises. 13 Main Street in Winters,