San Andreas

Rated 3.0

When a swarm of massive earthquakes devastates Los Angeles, Hoover Dam, San Francisco and all points in between, an L.A. fire department chopper pilot (Dwayne Johnson) rescues his estranged wife (Carla Gugino), and the two fly north to find their daughter (Alexandra Daddario) in the City by the Bay. This is 1974's Earthquake on steroids, with 3-D and CGI replacing Sensurround—and, to be honest, with Johnson and Gugino making a livelier team than Charlton Heston and Ava Gardner. Otherwise, there's not much difference, and in 40 years this one will probably look as lame as Earthquake does today. But that's still plenty of time for it to make carloads of money, and it surely will; say what you will, the movie is critic-proof, and even the most cynical will have to admit it delivers what you bought your ticket to see. J.L.