Sammies 2003

12 years of inspiration

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Back in 1992, the year of the first Sacramento Area Music Awards, we were in the beginning of what turned out to be a revolutionary upset in the music world. Nirvana’s breakthrough album Nevermind, released the previous September, pretty much signaled that a major regime change in rock music’s ruling class was about to take place. So 1992 was the year that the dam finally broke, when a generation of musicians that had been toiling in underground obscurity for too long finally made its presence known.

Sacramento’s own music scene was coming of age, too. Such bands as Far, Deftones and Cake were a couple of years away from getting signed to big labels, but they were already making an impact locally. In fact, the early 1990s were a fertile period for Sacramento musicians, and what came out of that time put this city on the map, musically speaking.

Fast forward to today. Some of those bands are still together, while others have splintered into two or even three bands. The music industry is, by most accounts, having some serious problems.

Nevertheless, people are still inspired to create music. In times like these, people get even more inspired than usual. And even though local venues may not be crawling with major-label A&R representatives who are looking for their next big thing, there are a number of new acts on the local scene that music fans can get excited about, along with a number of longtime favorites who are still making a vital noise.

So that’s what this year’s Sammies are about: In with the new, while the old can stick around, too. There’s room for everyone here.

Astrology lovers…
You may notice a pattern… This is the twelfth year of the Sammies. There are twelve musical genres showcased here. There are twelve bands performing on the main stage. There are twelve signs of the zodiac. This is no coincidence. There is a master plan and the answer is in the stars.

Main Stage
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Second Stage
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