Saca downsized, again

No dream is too big for John Saca.

His 53-story, luxury hotel and condo project, The Towers, turned out to be more like The Hole, thanks to $13 million in construction liens. Sadly, his newest project is so far about as successful as his previous one.

The would-be high-rise developer is now trying to construct a two-story, 50-foot-tall mega-mansion in Arden Oaks. True, a neighborhood ordinance limits residential buildings in the area to just 30-feet tall. But “scaling down” is not part of Saca’s vocabulary. Despite the ordinance and the county planning director’s objections, the county Board of Zoning Appeals allowed the mansion project to proceed.

Now several neighbors have joined together and are suing that county board to enforce the law. David Post, president of Save Arden Oaks, said his group is not against mega-mansions per se. They just want to make sure Saca’s building doesn’t set an unwanted precedent.

Note to Saca: 30 feet is taller than zero feet, right?