Robin Hood

Rated 1.0

The legend of Robin Hood gets made over into a mashup of The Hurt Locker in its first half, then morphs into V for Vendetta in its second. The script is by first-timers Ben Chandler and David James Kelly, and the rotten fruit of their misbegotten labors is moronic and sub-literate. Otto Bathurst directs as if hoping to be the next Guy Ritchie. Meanwhile, the latest actor to embark on the fool’s errand of filling Errol Flynn’s tights is Taron Egerton, who fares no better (indeed, worse) than Kevin Costner and Russell Crowe before him. (The less said about Jamie Foxx and Eve Hewson as this movie’s idea of Little John and Maid Marian, the sooner their careers will recover.) “Forget history,” says the narration, “Forget what you think you know.” Better advice would be to forget this godawful movie.