Road Trip

Rated 3.0 Over 20 years of Animal House knockoffs, and only now someone gets around to doing one called Road Trip? Interestingly enough, this is the best of the bunch, helped immensely by quirky MTV personality (?!) Tom Green, who serves as Greek chorus to the tale. Seems Josh (Breckin Meyer) is horny—it’s his final week in college, and he’s been faithful to his longtime sweetheart Tiffany all this time. So he’s easily seduced by Beth (Amy Smart). But the hanky-panky is videotaped, and accidentally sent to Tiffany. Road Trip! To beat the mailed tape to Tiffany’s house, Josh is joined by three stereotypes—party-crazed jock, stoner intellectual, and seemingly irredeemable nerd—on a journey that is by turns gross, sweet, and perverse. Bogs down at times, but Green keeps the proceedings on track.