Rated 2.0

A rare blue macaw (voice by Jesse Eisenberg) is taken by his owner (Leslie Mann) to Brazil to mate with the only other bird of his species (Anne Hathaway), but both get stolen by smugglers. The posters for this pointless, noisy animated foofaraw include the startling slogan “This turkey can’t fly,” so let’s at least give them credit for truth in advertising. IMDb lists only Don Rhymer and director Carlos Saldanha as writers, but I recall eight or 10 other names in the movie’s credits; whatever the case, nobody managed to come up with a good story, interesting characters or anything worth hearing for all the star voices (Jamie Foxx, Jane Lynch, Wanda Sykes, George Lopez, etc.) to say. A pathetically total misfire, the movie gets two stars only for colorful 3-D and music by the great Sergio Mendes.