Review: Ironbound at B Street Theatre

Showtimes:Tue 6:30pm, Wed 2pm & 6pm, Thu 8pm, Fri 8pm, Sat 5pm & 9pm, Sun 2pm. Through 10/28; $33-$47; B Street Theatre, 2700 Capital Avenue; (916) 443-5300;
Rated 5.0

The American Dream and the American experience don’t always jibe. Take the case of Darja, the Polish immigrant at the heart of Martyna Majok’s prize-winning play Ironbound, now at B Street Theatre.

Darja (played by Dana Brooke) comes to America in search of its promised freedom and the pursuit of happiness. Instead, she finds herself in a run-down New Jersey town where, over the course of 20 years there, factories close, neighborhoods die and men disappoint. Having gradually given up on finding love, she searches in vain for a semblance of financial security.

She cleans the houses of people whose lives she covets.

Ironbound is a darkly funny character study of a fighter, a woman who, through three relationships, continues to hope for a partner who can give her both love and money.

Brooke delivers a tour de force performance as Darja, perfect in her Polish-accented delivery. The men in her life are portrayed by Arusi Santi (as Maks, her first love), Peter Story (as Tommy, the current, unfaithful beau) and Sam Kebede (as Vic who offers an unexpected kindness). Each is excellent. Lyndsay Burch directs.