Review: Amé at Green Valley Theatre Company

Showtimes: Friday 8pm, Saturday 8pm, Sunday 7pm; Through 5/19; $20; Green Valley Theatre Company at the Roseville Tower Theatre, 417 Vernon Street in Roseville; (916) 234-6981;
Rated 5.0

Lights up. A violin hums. A paper butterfly escapes from a book as young Amélie, clad in sparkly boots and a red skirt, innocently invites the audience to participate for a moment in her whimsical view of the world.

Based on the French romantic comedy Amélie, Green Valley Theatre Company’s production of this new musical is bursting with life, color and charm.

In the opening scene, we see Amélie as a child, played by the impressive Maggie McGoldrick. She’s a dreamer, and her parents cannot see the world through her eyes. As we follow grown-up Amélie (Corley Pillsbury) on this mischievous journey to help others live with passion, we begin to see that she’s still as uncertain as a child—afraid to live her own life and fall in love.

Both McGoldrick and Pillsbury exude confidence and artistry. Kevin Borcz brings a brilliant dose of light-hearted fun to his characters Joseph, Lucien and Fluffy the goldfish, and Erik Catalan’s tender-hearted performance as Nino Quincompoix is delightful. The endearing cast works together between scenes in this fast-moving performance, always staying in character with high energy.

The brief audience interaction allows viewers to become even more enraptured in this idyllic world. And the magical use of puppetry sprinkled thoughtfully throughout adds a silly and sweet element. Be prepared to have your socks charmed right off with this one, and maybe even shed a tear for a pet goldfish.