Respect the label

Ruhstaller's The Di Gregorio

Think of it as drinkable art. Artists Jared Tharp and Jose Di Gregorio teamed up for Night, a joint exhibit at Bows & Arrows. There's an opening reception on Friday, October 4, and, as part of the event, Bows is also hosting a “prerelease” of a new brew collaboration with Ruhstaller. The beverage, called The Di Gregorio, is a California-grown English-style barley wine, and Bows co-owner Trisha Rhomberg chose an artist to design its bottle label. The result, a piece by Di Gregorio, highlights the artist's clean, graphic lines and is definitely not the kind of thing you want to distractedly pick at during some deep and drunk conversation. 6 p.m., 1815 19th Street,