Replacements, The

Rated 1.0 An NFL players’ strike opens up opportunities for a motley crew of wannabe football players, including a quarterback (Keanu Reeves) whose career fizzled during his senior year in college. Vince McKewin’s makeshift script is low-grade moron bait aimed at Monday-morning quarterbacks who pretend to love sports but secretly believe professional athletes are overpaid scumbags (“Man, I could do that stuff!”). The film is crude and slovenly, and director Howard Deutch understandably can’t seem to muster any enthusiasm. Nor can the actors: Reeves, Gene Hackman, Jack Warden. As Reeves’ love interest, Brooke Langton resembles Sandra Bullock without the chemistry; her scenes with Reeves are flat and colorless. But if you think the Budweiser “Wassup!” commercials are funny, then this movie’s for you.