Rated 1.0

High-stakes car racing in the desert outside Las Vegas is the ostensible subject of director Andy Cheng’s movie (written by Robert Foreman and Daniel Sadek), but cinematographer Bill Butler spends as much time exploring the breasts and booties of the female cast members as the sleek Enzo Ferraris and Ford GTs on the makeshift track. The movie would play almost as a postmodern parody of 1960s drive-in fare if it weren’t put forward with such a silly straight face. Jockeying for attention in the thick forest of long legs, bare midriffs and pendulous mammaries are a number of faces, both familiar (Eddie Griffin as a streetwise music producer, Tim Matheson as a Hollywood lowlife, Angus Macfadyen as a New Age gangster) and unfamiliar (Nadia Bjorlin, Nathan Phillips and Jesse Johnson, all forgettably pretty).