Recurring dream

Mario Moreno has filed a claim against Sacramento for losses he sustained when the city demolished the brick building he was restoring at 1915 48th St. (“Bulldozing the Dream,” SN&R, Feb. 15).

The claim alleges that more than $25,000 worth of Moreno’s property was improperly destroyed during the demolition. Official claims against the city, which routinely are denied, are often precursors to a lawsuit.

Meanwhile, Moreno and more than 100 supporters who believe the city’s action was unwarranted met with their district’s City Councilwoman Lauren Hammond on Feb. 15 to try to resolve concerns over the city’s demolition policy.

Many of Moreno’s supporters have been critical of Hammond for being unresponsive to community concerns over the demolition. Among them is activist Julie Padilla, Moreno’s niece, who said Hammond rolled her eyes and made “unsavory faces” as Moreno spoke at the meeting.

Hammond admits to rolling her eyes when Moreno brought a large wreath of black flowers into the meeting, but she denies being disrespectful to Moreno or his supporters.

Hammond, said she cannot comment on the Moreno demolition because the claim that Moreno filed constitutes a threat of litigation.

But she did express her frustrations over being targeted by Moreno’s supporters: “I’m getting the brunt of it and I’m getting tired of it.”