Ready to Rumble

Rated 2.0 Two morons (David Arquette, Scott Caan) find meaning in their lives by idolizing professional wrestler Jimmy King (Oliver Platt); when King is hammered off his throne by a treacherous promoter (Joe Pantoliano), the two dopes take it upon themselves to restore their hero to his former glory. Think of it as Bill and Ted’s Dumb and Dumber Wrestling Adventure. Writer Steven Brill and director Brian Robbins manage to wring a few guilty-pleasure laughs out of this clodhopper, but you’ll hate yourself in the morning. Several professional wrestlers make guest appearances as themselves (their acting is no better here than it is in their regular jobs), but the best moments belong to Martin Landau, of all people, gleefully slumming as an elder statesman of wrestling, teaching these young punks a thing or two.