RCMP Holiday Wreath and Decor Workshop

Thursday, December 19, 6pm, Arthouse, $80

Are you wreathy to rumble?

Are you wreathy to rumble?



Thursday, 12/19

Holiday Wreath Workshop

Arthouse, 6pm, $80

Buy a person a holiday wreath, and they’ll have a wreath for the season. But if you teach a person to make holiday wreaths? They will eat wreaths for the rest of their life. That’s why you should invest $80 in your future self so you can learn how to make wreaths (or garlands or centerpieces) from the best in the business: Nina Booth. She’ll be walking you through the class that also includes snacks and wine—along with all the ingredients you need to get cooking with plant parts. There’ll be cedar, eucalyptus, noble fir, pine cones and more accents in abundance, so get ready to get crafty soon; and for the rest of your life. 1021 R St., rivercitymarketplace.com/events.