Rated 3.0

When a genetic experiment gone awry turns a gentle gorilla into a raging King Kong-size monster, his keeper (Dwayne Johnson) scrambles to set things right while the gorilla and two other mutant beasts – a flying 30-foot wolf and an alligator turned into the kind of creature Godzilla used to fight – tear up Chicago. This videogame-inspired folderol is just as insane as it sounds, but it’s enjoyable in its mechanical, greedy-eyes-on-the-boxoffice way. Writers Ryan Engle, Carlton Cruse, Ryan J. Condal and Adam Sztykiel do their mediocre best to cram as much of the game onto the screen as they can, while Johnson flexes those amazing muscles and director Brad Peyton does little more than call “Action!”, “Cut!” and “Lunch!” It all qualifies as a guilty pleasure, but the pleasure really is guilty as hell.