Quick rips

Ngaio Bealum is a Sacramento comedian, activist and marijuana expert. Email him questions at ask420@newsreview.com.

Howdy! I’m planning a trip to L.A. (from Sacramento), and I’m wondering about the ins and outs of taking cannabis on the plane within the state of California. Is that a good idea, or would I be better off to visit a dispensary in L.A. once I land? Thank you.

—Very Curious in Sacramento

How-do! The TSA doesn’t really care about a small amount of cannabis. Don’t bring a pound, have your letter of recommendation next to your cannabis and enjoy your flight. But if you are going to be in L.A., why not try a few of the medical cannabis dispensaries and delivery services in the L.A. area? Think globally, smoke locally.

Anything happening with either of the major cannabis bills in the Cali Legislature?

—Willy Wonky

Nope. They are still making the sausage. Assembly Bills 266 and 243 (they are really the same bill, because bureaucracy) are still being discussed and debated. I don’t think anything will happen for at least a week or a month or a year. Politicians take forever, and they all seem to think that weed is more akin to crack than it is to wine. Call your legislator and tell them to get it together. Thank you.

How was the Seattle Hempfest?

—Tor Eesta

It was great! Some 300,000 people, lots of weed, great discussions, good bands and no fights. Vivian McPeak, the director of the Hempfest, told me that the Seattle Hempfest generates $7 million in revenue (from things like hotel rooms, cab rides, restaurant visits, all that good tourist money) every year. In fact, the city of Seattle granted the Hempfest a special exemption, allowing people to smoke in the park during the event. How modern is that?

I was also at a Portland City Council meeting last week to lend support to the Portland Hempstalk. Their permit application had been denied by the parks and recreation department, but Mayor Charlie Hales and councilmen Nick Fitz and Dan Saltzman made good points about how other events like the Portland Beerfest or the World Naked Bike Ride are allowed. (Plus, the parks department and the police could provide no instances of neighborhood complaints, medical emergency calls or increased DUI occurrences at the 2014 Hempstalk.) They also mentioned that it would be unfair to keep the Portland Hempstalk from continuing to bring activists, musicians, cannabis users and advocates (and their tourist dollars) to the Rose City.

Maybe we should throw a hempfest in Sacramento. Who’s willing to help?

What did you think of American Ultra?

—Seven T. Millimetre

I thought it was pretty funny and surprisingly romantic. They play up the stoner stereotypes a bit, but in the end, the stoner wins, and that’s all I really care about. Stoners stay winning.