Primate of the Year

Primate of the Year: Urban the orangutan, Sacramento Zoo

First runner-up: Gary Pruitt
CEO, McClatchy Co.

The Sacramento Bee’s big kahuna is SN&R’s Primate of the Year runner-up. Nice job tanking McClatchy’s stock, which lost a good 75 percent of its value in ’07.

Second runner-up: Alexander Gonzalez
president, Sac State

After receiving a vote of no confidence from both faculty and students, Gonzalez built a new retail-oriented bookstore, athletic locker room, and possibly will construct an entertainment arena. Nice fund-raising outreach, skills. Meanwhile, no new classrooms have been built, courses are cut and the budget fiasco continues. Here’s your A+, Mr. President.

Third runner-up: Sacramento County Jail Psychiatric Services Congrats on only one jail suicide in 2007. Here’s to another year of those helpful “yes-no” suicide-watch questionnaires.