Price of Glory

Rated 2.0 When boxer Arturo Ortega (Jimmy Smits) misses his chance at the big time, he sublimates his ambition by managing the careers of his sons, shoving them into the ring in early childhood and bullying them into living out his dreams at the expense of their own happiness. Smits dominates the film the way the Arturo dominates his family, giving human dimension to a man who is, frankly, a selfish monster. Maria del Mar is fine as his loving, much-too-patient wife, as is Ron Perlman as a cigar-chomping boxing promoter—nominally the villain, but actually more reasonable and sympathetic than Arturo himself. Unfortunately, their sincere, heartfelt performances can’t overcome the parade of clichés in Phil Berger’s script (virtually every line is a groaner) or the dull, B-movie direction of Carlos Avila.