Pot crazy

Americans are crazy when it comes to marijuana. Michael Phelps’ recent experience, after being photographed taking a toke of marijuana at a party, is a good case in point. The Olympic athlete, who astounded the world last August by winning eight gold medals, has suddenly been dubbed a “disappointment” to us all, suspended by USA Swimming, threatened with killed endorsement deals and called an abomination by media pundits and editorialists across the country.

For what? Why all this ganging up on Phelps, 23, when about half of Americans admit to having smoked weed in their youth, and when a majority of people in the country think pot should be legal in some form anyway?

At most, smoking pot is no worse than smoking cigarettes or overdoing it with alcohol. We’ve editorialized plenty in this space about the insanity of America’s drug policies, especially as regards marijuana. Maybe Assemblyman Tom Ammiano’s just-introduced Assembly Bill 390—which would legalize (and tax) marijuana use—will help curb the craziness.