Pola X

Rated 1.0 A young writer (Guillaume Depardieu) meets a vagabond who claims to be his long-lost sister, then he proceeds to throw his whole life away—for no reason, it seems, but to bore the daylights out of unsuspecting moviegoers. Supposedly adapted from Herman Melville’s Pierre, Or The Ambiguities, written (allegedly) by Jean-Paul Fargeau and (non)directed by Leos Carax, the film is another 136 minutes of dreary Eurotrash from the nation that gave us Rosetta earlier this year. This one, despite the presence of Catherine Deneuve, is even worse if only because it’s so long and shapeless and as pointless as its title. Carax’s big “money scene” is five minutes of dimly-lit hardcore sex—another French filmmaker trying to regain the art-porn throne his country lost when American movies started showing nudity.