Pineapple Express

Rated 2.0

Director David Gordon Green has a tin ear for dialogue—yeah, I didn’t make it through his 2003 film All the Real Girls, either—so those familiar with his work won’t be surprised that Pineapple Express, while often hilarious, doesn’t quite hold water. The plot, involving a hapless stoner (Seth Rogen) who witnesses a murder, leading to various chases, fistfights and showdowns, grows tiresome—kinda like coming down off a bong rip. Yes, being high while viewing might bump that little popcorn guy above up a notch; a good head change facilitates suspension of disbelief. Either way, James Franco really does nail the Jeff Spicoli role, and anyone who’s ever kept their dealer at arm’s length will relate to Pineapple’s buddy-flick message.