Call for Unity 2004

The City of Sacramento Pipe Band

The City of Sacramento Pipe Band

The City of Sacramento Pipe Band has been competing successfully for over 15 years, taking awards from virtually every competition it attended. The Pipe Major and Music Director is Liz Tubbs, the Drum Sergeant is Jane McPherson, and the Drum Major is Gus Steuber. The Band competes in Grade 4 and currently has over 20 playing members. Children andadults are welcome to become a part of this non-profit educational group. Piping and drumming instruction is available privately at a nominal cost to Band members and beginners. Although the Band’s main focus is competing in Scottish games and events, they perform throughout Northern California for many different functions and organizational events. The Band relies solely on (tax deductible) donations, performances, competitions and the generous time and commitment from its members and their families.

Pipers Liz Tubbs, Pipe Major, Music Director | Ryan Murray, Pipe SergeantCaleb Cox, Gordon Alder, Grace Edinboro, Nicholas Ingersoll, Ann McPherson, Joshua Breshears, Jonathan Henseley

Drummers Jane McPherson, Drum Sergeant, Patrick Steuber, Gabriel Ingersoll, Molly Steuber, Aliya Ingersoll, Bill Tubbs




Greater St. Stephen’s Souls of Machowl


Greater St. Stephen Baptist Church’s praise dance team, Souls of Machowl, began in 2003 under the leadership of Pam Hutchins. The group’s name comes from the Hebrew language. It was assigned by Youth Pastor Duante Moore from inspiration he received from Psalm 149:3, “Let them praise His name in dance.” Souls of Machowl is grateful for the teachings of Senior Pastor Dr. Anthony Wallace who has guided them through the ministry of worship through dance. The youth dancers have grown tremendously over the last year and a half, and the Lord has blessed them with so much talent that they are not afraid to show how much they love the Lord. The Souls of Machowl have been performing in the greater Sacramento area and will continue to be used as God sees necessary.

Aubyrn Alston, Brittany Hall, Natalia Dobbins, Heather Moore , Hailey Moore, Me’kayla Renter, Jazmain Bailey, Precious (Akaysha) Hutchins, Latalya Gaffney, Ashia Brown, Willie Williams, Jerome Manjaras, Denzell Lee, Jadah Carrigan





Spiritual Life Center

Since the Spiritual Life Center’s (SLC) inception in November 1998, the church has tithed 10% of its monthly gross income to support over 175 local non-profit organizations who help to feed, clothe, shelter and provide social services to those less fortunate. In 2002, SLC presented a $40,000 sponsorship check to the Sacramento Habitat for Humanity affiliate for a new home construction for a low-income family. Working together with the Brahma Kumaris Meditation Center, the Buddhist Peace Fellowship, the Sacramento Area League of Associated Muslims (SALAM), and the Sikh Temple of West Sacramento, their Interfaith home build is underway at the corner of 14th Avenue and 39th Street in Oak Park. In May 2003, SLC also sponsored a Rebuilding Together home project and over 200 SLC volunteers worked to restore the home of an elderly Oak Park resident. SLC’s mission is to love, serve and remember and the choir has participated in all three A Call for Unity events. Last year they were voted “the best church choir in Sacramento” by Sacramento Magazine. As active participants of the Building Unity project, the church is committed to helping transform the Sacramento community. Their vision is that all the faith community will join hand-in-hand to work together to build affordable housing as we build unity.

SLC band John Gardiner, drums | Doug Crawford, percussion | Richard Burdick, piano | Patrick Poulson, bass | Steven Sulllivan, guitar | Jerry Baldwin, recorder | Victor Sparks, piano

Dancer Elaine Gosine

Readers Bill Kay, Tricia Rose Hare

SLC choir Alan Klein, Alice Guiffreda, Amanda Cloud, Anamaria Pasquieres, Andy Robles, Ann Mason,Barbara Berg, Barbara Murphy, Benjamin Lopez, Beth Schwehr, Beverly Zimmerman, Bonnie Davis, Brenda Alexander, Brian Rath, Carol Belden, Carol Matthew-Rogers, Carol VanBruggen, Carole Carter, Catherine Dunwoody, Celestine Capart, Chester Smith, Christine Mattos, Connie Michaeloff, Dave Lyman, David Wilding, Deborah Moskovitz, Dena Ratner, Dennis Cain, Dennis O’Neal, Donna Sturla, Elizabeth Chatten, Garret Morris, Gary Voytek, George Hollenbeck, Heather Estay, Jackie Goree, Jajuan Francis, Jan Summers, Jane Francis, Janet Hooven, Jean Wigglesworth, Jennie Lyn Ladd, Jennie Moore, Jennifer Helm, Jeri Murhpy, Jerry Hostler, Jim Gray, Jim Pettit, Jo Stoddard, Joan Marsh, John Stumbos, Judie Light-Smith, Karen Meyer, Katherine Gordon, Kathlyn Rhodes, Kathy Dona, Kathy Michael, Ken Swinford, Kevin McHugh, Kristi Matal, Laura Farren, Laurie Jones, Leslie Leggio, Linda Kral, Lisa Hollwedel, Lisa Davenport, Lynell Heaps, Marc D. Remis, Mari McMahon, Mark Angeles, Marshal McKitrick, Mary Jane Koelzer, Mar-y-sol Pasquieres, Melanie Webster, Maureen Sweeney, Mike Johnston, Nanci Kuzins, Nancy Gall, Nancy Neubauer, Pam Logan, Patricia Ehnis, Ray Jenkins, Rebecca Hipolito, Richard Burdick, Richard Fujinami, Richard Matthew-Rogers, Robyn DeLong, Ron Hoh, Rosalie Dvorak-Remis, Sally Scion, Sharon Jull, Sheiila Macias, Shirley Russell, Stacey Willett, Stephanie Murphy, Steve Gallanthine, Steven Starr, Steven Blessing, Sue Livingston, Susan Transue, Suzie Burdick, Tanhia Ceremello, Teresa Campos, Tina Bakly, Tony Dahl, Tori Anderson, Vera Matthews, Wade Edwards, Walter Crawford, Wanda McGuire, Warren Marchette



Muslims of Sacramento



Call for prayer, (Adhan), Praying five times a day is one of the five pillars of Islam. Call for prayer, (Adhan), is an invitation to the prayer. At the time of Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him), Adhan was a way to let people know that it is time to pray. Then the Muslim would rush to the mosque and pray. To this day in all the Muslim countries Adhan is called over the public address systems. Supplication, (du’a), is taught by Prophet Muhammad (PBH). “O Allah, you are the giver of peace, from you comes peace. Blessed on you possessor of all majesty and honor.”

SALAM Children want to bring the message of peace to Sacramento and the world. They have put their heart and souls in these songs in the hope that peace can unite us all. These songs will be shared in the rich and eloquent languages of Arabic, English, and American Sign Language.

The song is directed by Geilan Toppozada and coordinated by Durriya Syed. Signage for all three pieces is by Tanya Syed.

ANDALUS BAND Maestro: Farouk Eldeeb, Keyboard | Hany Abdul Aty, Violin | Jhon Schimpf, Saxophone | Kristy Kaelber, Clarinet | Philip Gabriel, Oud | Samir El Zahery, Drummer | Cynthia Rutherford, Drummer


Ensemble Katan from Congregation B’Nai Israel




Congregation B’nai Israel is one of the oldest Jewish congregations west of the Mississippi. In 1849, entrepreneur Moses Hyman assembled a handful of Jews in his Sacramento store for the High Holy Days. In the tradition of “tikkun olam,” repairing the world, B’nai Israel serves the larger Sacramento community. Annual projects range from sponsoring the Unity Run to the B’nai Israel Mitzvah Day, when congregants fan out across Sacramento to perform community service. Congregation B’nai Israel’s Ensemble Katan (literally “group small”) is a youth choir founded in 1998. Ensemble Katan sings for religious services, often with the B’nai Israel adult choir, and other events such as last year’s Mediterranean Concert with the combined adult and youth choirs of the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church, B’nai Israel and Congregation Beth Shalom. The group was founded at the request of Rabbi Brad Bloom. Director of Education Sunny Romer, Rabbi Mona Alfi, Cantor Carl K. Naluai and director Judy Leatherwood keep the group active. Anyone in Religious School who is in 4th Grade or older can join.

Ensemble Katan Mara Behar, Alanna Dubrovsky, Sasha Dubrovsky, Rebekah Gerber, Johanna Goldberg, Hannah Kasler, Malcolm McElheney, Max Mendelson, Jenny Panush, Mikayla Sibner, Jordana Steinberg, Gabriel Wiener-Brodkey



Valley Choral Society



The Valley Choral Society consists of singers from throughout the greater Sacramento valley and foothill area. The mission of the society is to break down barriers and create a common bond between people by performing music that can bring God’s light to the community and elevate the human soul. The Society performs several concerts each year. Choral members and other individuals volunteer their talents to sustain the Valley Choral Society’s mission and goals. Support for the Society comes from membership fees and donations from other individuals and organizations. They regularly dedicate the Spring series performances to benefit Sacramento area Habitat for Humanity chapters. Performers in the Sacramento International Children’s Chorus wear authentic cultural costumes representing countries all over the world. They dance and sing about world peace and brotherhood as they touch the hearts of all who attend their performances. The performers range in age from five to thirteen and they appear at many local and nearby conventions, schools, community organizations, and social clubs. The Children’s Chorus constitutes the “children” of the Valley Choral Society, and as such are here as their family representatives. Visit and

Soprano Andrea Rasmussen, Ashley Bair, Beverly Britland, Brenda Newbold, Elaine Fales, Elizabeth Lambert, Emily Allen, Erika Fluke, Joy Morgan, Julia Grogan, Kathy Housewright, Kathy Visher, Kay Kane, Kristene Wheeler, Lisa Newbold, Marilyn McGraw, Mary Bair, Miriam McCormack, Pamela Williford, Patricia Ursenback, Tami Hance,Betty Emerick, Carmen Held-Tauchar, Cherie Shoemaker, Leslie Oscarson, Jamie Magda, Benita Grover, Amy Kim, Aileen Florentz

Alto Bev Bair, Carolyn Loveridge, Celeste Adams, Dawna Hendricks-Rigg, Debbie Rooker, Eileen DeGruccio, Gloria Mosby, Gwen Jenkins, Lana Bonar, Lorie Ackerman, Marie Jukes, Marilyn Lockhart, Mary Townsend, Maurine Nuttall, Pam Pinkston, Patricia Sullivan, Ruth Olpin, Sharlene Sorensen, Vivian Gundestrup, Whitney Allen, Erin Olpin, Linda Adams, Eva Wruck, Lori Ackerman, Ellen Sedgwick, Claralyn Sant, Susan Merrill

Tenor David Carter, Fred Allen, Harry Gayle, Irene Sebhat, Joe Hance, LaMar Fullmer, Larry Olson, Lisa West, Richard Jukes, Robby Busch, Kevin Gleave, Robin Oscarson

Bass Byron Lovell, Cliff Fales, Dave Allen, David Puckett, David Walker, George Gettys, Greg Pierce, Howard Sant, John McCormack, Michael Porter, Paul Graham, Rick Caulk, Ron Bair, Ron Roway, Steven Seither, Tim Jackson, Michael Bair, Gary Buck, David Shaffer

Sacramento Men’s Chorus

Sydney Allen, Whitney Allen, Arielle Baran, Ryan Blanning, Alexis Busath, Hailey Busath, Savannah Campbell, Daniel Carroll, Logan Chavez, Jackie Coleman, Katie Coleman, Sarah Crandall, Kristin Cunningham, Jonathan Goddard, Kimberly Goddard, Emily Grimsman, Madison Gudmann, Amy Heathcote, Hannah Heathcote, Rachel Heathcote, Hilary Hogge, Morgan Howder, Zachary Howder, Justin Knowlton, Ashlee Knox, Benjamin Mammet, David Muncy, Christine Miyashiro, Monika Neal, Matthew Nielson, Ryder Nielson, Ryan Nielson, Emily Newbold, Aaron Ortega, Lauren Parker, LaDaijah Peters, Katie Quist, Taylor Quist, Madison Roberts, Jonathan Sant, Mackenzie Sant, Marc Sant, Jordan Schulz, Kendal Thompson, Amber Toomey, Julia Torza, Austin Whitted

Directors Richard and Jeri Clinger





The Sacramento Men’s Chorus is a proud member of the Gay and Lesbian Association of Choruses, Inc. Formed in late 1984, SMC produces up to three major concerts a year, and performs throughout the year at events, public and private, in and around the Sacramento metropolitan area. In addition to their regular concert series, they have performed in the State Capitol, at Gubernatorial inaugurations, scored tracks for several Emmy winning documentaries, and many community outreach performances and numerous charity benefits including two with Judy Collin. In July of 2004 the Sacramento Men’s Chorus traveled to Montreal Canada for their first international appearance. In August the Sacramento Men’s Chorus will began work on their 20th anniversary season. This is their second time performing in A Call for Unity.

Diamond Club of California from the Sikh Community

Tenor 1 Cameron Snyder, Francisco Goes da Silva, John Wujek, Joey Brown, Kenneth Thompson, Steve Muni

Tenor 2 Byron Jackson, Clayton Hogue, Dale Moore, Kevin Manz , Terry Loeser Jr, Z Duy Ninh,

Baritone Daniel Kiermaier, Darryl Strohl, David Kwong, Don Stephenson, Gus Krumm, Ivan Briscoe, Michael Watkins, Ken Cook

Bass Mark Ebenhoch, Jack Hamilton, Mike Tentis, Patrick Paterson, Paul Curtis, Ron Clyma, Satoshi Okuno, Troy Bray

Accompanist Scott Holliday | Tenor1 Assistant Director Paul Jones | Support Kenneth Martinez



The Brian Thomas Band



This team is a regular participant at the Punjabi American Heritage Society cultural festival held at the Sutter fairgrounds in Yuba City on Memorial Day weekend every year. They were invited to perform at the Arco arena during the Sacramento Monarchs vs L.A. Sparks game in 2002 and this year performed at the Asian Pacific American Heritage Month held by KVIE Channel 6 and the multicultural festival at Southgate Park on May 8. The folk dancing they perform is from Punjab (India). Bhangra is the most instinctive if not the most robust dance of men in Punjab. It is one of the most popular folk dances in India. It is the post harvest dance of the Punjabi farmers and is performed to the accompaniment of songs and drum. It is a very colorful dance in which the dancers snap their fingers, do balancing tricks and indulge in acrobatic feats. It is fast becoming an international dance because of its immense popularity in England, Canada and the United States. Punjabis take this dance with them wherever they go.

Jaspiyaar Mann, Jasraj Virk, Daljit Mann, Inderjit Bassi, Gurtej Cheema, Ricki Bola, Harjot Kalar, Gurpiyaar Mann




Tanya Syed, SALAM Tori Anderson, the Spiritual Life Center


Brian Thomas’s music has been compared to the likes of John Mayer, David Grey and other solo artists. He describes it as a raw, melodic blend of folky modern rock. Brian is performing songs from his recent album entitled “Someone I Used To Know,” released in September 2003. His songs all connect and communicate Brian’s heart and faith in a loving God. “My songs are simply journals and intimate conversations between me and God.” This honest and transparent approach to songwriting is bound to inspire you and hopefully “help others realize that Jesus wants to offer relationship with us in the midst of our joys and our struggles, if we will only turn to Him.” Brian is a worship leader at Fremont Presbyterian Church and works with college age/young adults. Ask him about “the experience” a new Sunday evening emergent worship gathering, designed to communicate faith in a way that is relevant, kicking off Sept 26th, at 6:00 p.m. in Fremont’s brand new CLC, a community life center and music venue.

Jon Uhland, drums | Caleb Hardy, acoustic guitar | Dan Pera, bass | Nick Robilliard, keys, B-3 and mini-synth | Erin Dougherty, backing vocals | Brian Thomas, vocals, guitars





St. John’s Missionary Baptist God’s Chosen

YBU is a group of youth from various ethnic, cultural and faith backgrounds committed to bringing peace and harmony to our global community by developing creative, exciting, and fun opportunities to learn and understand more about each other in a safe environment, collectively working towards a better tomorrow. The group is a result of the philosophy that we need to learn to respect the views and philosophies of other faiths, while strengthening our own caring and humanitarian views of our religion.

Our speakers Tanya Syed, from SALAM, is a 13-year old straight A junior at Woodcreek High School. She also takes American Sign Language at Sierra College. She won the Become award from Roseville Chamber of Commerce for her leadership and academic achievements and has won numerous awards in speech, debate, essays and movie making. She was the editor of her weekend school newspaper and yearbook for three years and has delivered speeches for the Interfaith Service Bureau and a national organization “Sisters to Sisters”.

Tori Anderson from the Spiritual Life Center: Tori was born and raised in Sacramento, where she lives with her mom, dad and cat, Oliver. Tori is currently in the 7th grade at Sutter Middle School. She loves music and theater arts, plays the flute, and enjoys art museums. She also excels in gymnastics and soccer, loves animals, and is a vegetarian. Tori and her family attend the Spiritual Life Center. She has been active in the Children’s Ministry’s plays and productions. After 9/11, she went to the Salam Center with a delegation of SLC children to express their support.





New Testament Baptist Church Combined Choirs

Approximately 10 years ago, the children of St. John learned a Praise Dance as part of their Gospel Music Workshop experience. This was so successful that the young people wanted to continue this form of praise. They added American Deaf Sign Language and began to choreograph their moves performing mainly at services held at St. John. In 2000, they hosted their first Praise Dance Xplosion and invited a few other groups to participate. It was such a success that it has grown to enormous proportions and the group celebrated their 5th Xplosion this summer. Praise Dancing is an expression of the Gospel in movement and is a “ministry” in motion. A children’s group was formed approximately 3 years ago and the Praise Dance Ministry has since become an integral part of the worship service at St. John. There are 7 members of the teenage team God’s Chosen, and 9 members of the children’s team God’s ‘Lil Angels. The ministry has performed locally for the Gospel RiverFest, Juneteenth Celebration, UCD Family Day, and at numerous concerts, annual days and programs. Some of their highlight performances have been an invitation to perform for the Blacks In Government’s national training conference held at the Staple Center in Los Angeles, the California State Baptist Convention and Congress in Fresno, Modesto and Sacramento.

Dancers Renee Cannon, Gina Doye, Chanel Love, Blair Martin, Kayla Richardson, Ashley Starks, Angela Temple

Rene’e J. Smith, Director | Rev. Darryl B. Heath, Pastor





During the last 25 years, New Testament Baptist Church (NTBC) has been known its outstanding choirs. Under the direction of Pastor Robert D. Ester, Sr., Christian Education classes, Bible study and prayer have become priorities for leaders and members of the choirs. The Director of Music, Reginald Alan Graham has worked to develop choir directors and musicians, and to create opportunities for ministry at NTBC. One of the directors he has worked with is Kareem Mitchell, a dynamic young man, who directs the two of five choirs that make up the Music Ministry at NTBC. Kareem is an original member of the Voices of New Testament, a youth choir, twelve to twenty-five years old, created twenty-two years ago by Pastor Emeritus C.M. Cummings. The Voices have ministered at a numerous churches, community events and concerts, including; Cal-Expo, San Jose Jazz Festival, “Dare to Care,” an anti-drug video, Safe Streets, The Gospel Music Concerts at Hagginwood Park, the 50th Anniversary of Brown vs. the Board of Education and KBMB 103.5 Christmas Concert 2003.

“The Sounds of Praise”, created November 2002, is the newest and largest choir at NTBC. Kareem Mitchell also directs His assistants are Margie Tucker and Karen Massie-Withrow. They have also ministered at a number of churches and have most recently traveled to Buffalo, New York; Houston, Texas, and Los Angeles.

Niema Ambeau, Ruth Atkins, Gene Avent, Ruth Avent, Jameyla Barclay, Marcia Barclay, Debra Barnes, Genola Bigham, Gary Blakemore, Jr., Robert Bledsoe, Marian Bolar, Jonathan Bowie, Gayle Brown, Michelle Bryant, Tamara Burnett, Vanessa Caigoy, Lauen Carder, Coretta Carter, Elaine Crumpler, Jill Crumpler, Chris Cummings, Betty Davis, Paris Davis,Toya Davis, Barbara Dennis, Joyce Duckworth, Gertrude Dunn, Joen Dyal, Brant Echols, James Edmundson, Chantai Epinger, Barbara Epps, Erica Evans, Linda Freeman-Hardin, Jared Gill, Jazmin Glasper, Jonathan Glasper, Justin Glasper, Reggie Graham, Regina Graham, Reggie Green Jr., Brianna Green, Carol Harmon, Leroy Harmon, Ashley Harrison, Alfred Hasting, Enola Hawkins, Danielle Heins, Brittany Hogan, Arlene Holt, Art Holt, Dionne Hudnall, Keyshawn Hutchinson, Barbara James, Gina Jolly, Krystal Jones, Connie Jumper, Inez Lane, Charnise Lawson, Landon Leblanc, Michelle Lesane, Malik Little, Carol Lopez, Tiffany Macon, Tiandra Malone, Necca Mapp, Karen Massie-Withrow, Allena McCain, Samuel McCain, Ardora McCalley, Gloria McGruder, Annette Mitchell, Kareem Mitchell, Robin Mitchell, Janice Myles, Jennifer Morris, Lisa Morris, Lorene Morris, Stephen Nichols, Diana Lynn Nichols, Oliver Courtney, Queen Overton, Jennett Peeples, Regina Pickett, Carolyn Pompey, Annice Porter, Dorothy Powell, Doris Pyles, Ron Pyles, Glenda Randall, Glenda Randall, Jackie Ray, Felicia Rice, Aaron Ridley, Jr., Crystal Roberts, Jesssica Roberts, Eileen Robinson, Melvin Ross, Connie Sanders, Yolanda Scott-Truman, James Seabrooks, Cassandra Simon, Czarina Smith, Mary Stansell, Sybil Stoute, Anthony Teamer, Inez Tennerson, Sylvia Thomas, Margie Tucker, Bertha Turner, Gino Valencia, Jill Vasquez, Lou Vasquez, Tyrel Vines, Andrea Walker, Mary White, Ashley Williams, Lenette Williams, Juston Willis, Thomas Wright, Cherelle Young, Darchelle Young,

Reggie Graham, Music Director | Kareem Mitchell, Choir Director | Rev. Robert D. Ester, Sr. Pastor