Parties and pot

Ngaio Bealum is a Sacramento comedian, activist and marijuana expert. Email him questions at

What kind of pot should I smoke if I want to be social at a party?

—Wanda Wallflower

Good question. Different kinds of weed can definitely make you feel a certain way. Most indicas will give you the quiet introverted couch lock in a hurry. I have definitely killed a party or two with a fat indica joint (usually the Granddaddy Purple).

Also, be careful with concentrates and hashes. More than one person has dabbed into oblivion and sat in a corner at the party, staring into space and thinking their own thoughts.

Sativas and hybrids would be my advice. Trainwreck and its variants like Casey Jones are always nice. Blue Dream is a classic hybrid with a great flavor and good all-around effects. Tangie or some sort of Afgoo would also be a good choice.

If you feel like you are too stoned to talk, have some coffee. It will perk you right up. Oh, and if you are the type that gets crazy chatty after a joint, try to remember to let other folks get in a word or two—you know, like a conversation. Conversations are great. Listening to some rambly stoner dominate the conversation is not so great. Have fun socializing!

Now that the nominees have been decided, can you tell me which presidential candidate is best for cannabis legalization?

—John Q. Dublic

Meh and meh again. Hillary isn’t great because she is a drug warrior from the old school, although she has come around a bit. She is an astute politician—I am sure she can figure out which way the weed smoke is blowing. Plus, the Democratic National Committee does have a plank in its platform allowing for states to decriminalize or legalize as they see fit.

The Donald would probably be a nightmare. If he wins and makes Chris Christie the attorney general, all bets would be off. Christie hates weed. Hates it. Christie is one of the reasons why New Jersey’s medical marijuana program has been beset with delays. I am always amused when the party of “small government” wants to continue throwing people into already crowded jails for using cannabis. There are no good reasons to put people in jail for using pot (unless you consider systemic racism and fealty to the private prison industry good reasons).

Then there are Jill Stein (Green) and Gary Johnson (Libertarian). They would both legalize cannabis, but they don’t have any real chances at winning the presidency.

Remember this, though: So far, cannabis decriminalization or legalization has been a very local issue. Many cities are passing decriminalization ahead of statewide law reform. Look at the local races and make sure you vote for candidates that support common-sense cannabis regulation. National politics are big and flashy, but local lawmakers may have a bigger impact on your day-to-day lifestyle choices. Keep that in mind when you hit the polls.