Rated 3.0

When the leader of a million-dollar heist (Jason Statham) is double-crossed by his cohorts and left for dead, he trails them incognito to Palm Beach, Florida, where he enlists the unwitting aid of a struggling real-estate agent (Jennifer Lopez). Donald E. Westlake's anithero makes a good fit for Statham (though it's a mystery why the star's hilariously clumsy Texas accent doesn't blow his cover), and director Taylor Hackford and writer John J. McLaughlin do a creditable enough job with the material. True, Hackford lets the suspense go a little slack while he dawdles over the gorgeous scenery (courtesy of the Florida Film Commission and cinematographer J. Michael Muro), but the action is steady and the cast strong with Michael Chiklis as Statham's antagonist, Nick Nolte as his mentor, Patti LuPone as Lopez's soap-opera-addicted mother.