Rated 3.0 A movie star (Cole Hauser) is hounded by a gang of sleazy “photojournalists” (Tom Sizemore, Daniel Baldwin, Tom Hollander and Kevin Gage) who dog his every step and invade his privacy. When they cause an accident that nearly kills his family, he launches a scheme to pay them back one by one. Forrest Smith’s script isn’t particularly complex, or subtle, or suspenseful, and it has more than a few holes and loose ends, but Smith gets his teeth into a good, juicy revenge-fantasy hook and hangs on to it like a terrier with a rat. Director Paul Abascal approaches the material with similar single-minded efficiency; it’s broad and ham-fisted, but it gets the job done. Several stars make cameo appearances—inspired, no doubt, by the noble cause of striking back at the paparazzi who make stardom such hell.