The Orson Fader

Scientists recently discovered a low-frequency sound, a hum that permeates the known universe, a possible residual from the good ol’ big-bang days. Also making sonic forays into deep space is the Detroit, Mich., instrumental trio Paik (rhymes with “take”) on its latest CD, The Orson Fader. Ozone-destroying guitars, between Arc-era Neil Young and Spaceman 3, either smother the drums and bass in oceanic washes of distorto-grrr or blast off to the nearest death star. The opener, “Detroit,” finds the common ground between Flying Saucer Attack and the Melvins, a lurching fuck of smudged gtr being pummeled in slow motion by a beautiful but gigantic fist. “People” starts off like early Joan of Arc, but, before long, they’re lying in puddles of hiss and vinegar. If Tarentel had testes the size of Rhode Island, it’d sound this great. Journeys to the center of the sun never had a better soundtrack.