Outrageous insurance rate hikes

Millions of Californians pay automobile and/or homeowners insurance every year—it’s no surprise that the cost of premiums is regulated by the state; it’s been that way for a long time. So why should health-insurance payments be any different?

The answer is they shouldn’t.

That’s especially when you take into account the double-digit rate increases insurers like Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield have pushed on California consumers for year after year for almost a decade.

This brings us to Assembly Bill 52 by Assemblyman Mike Feuer (D-Los Angeles.). This bill—pushed heavily by California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones—would require insureres to get prior approval from the state for any rate hikes, and specifically bars rates that are excessive.

So it’s no surprise that a huge lineup of lobbyists on the insurance side (aided by the California Chamber of Commerce) have joined forces to defeat this bill with the argument that new regulations wouldn’t be sufficient to attack the overall rising cost of what many of them call “Obamacare.” In fact, the wall of special interests who oppose this bill has managed to kill it several times already in years past.

Hopefully, though, they will not defeat it this time. We believe A.B. 52, if passed, will be a giant victory for California consumers, a blow against outrageous rate hikes. Urge your representatives to vote “yes” on this important measure.