Open Season

Rated 1.0

A tame grizzly bear (voice by Martin Lawrence) becomes lost in the wilderness, where he has to depend on a scatterbrained deer (Ashton Kutcher) to help him try to find his way home. The credits list two directors (there are three on the Internet Movie Database) and about seven writers (IMDb says two), so it’s hard to pinpoint who is responsible for this wretched train wreck of an animated feature. Whoever it was (and it would be kinder not to name them), they evidently worked backward, fashioning a “story” to fit the cool things the animators could do (water, fur, explosions), the goofy voices the actors came up with and the dreary songs that some power-balladeer concocted for the soundtrack. The result is too coarse for children under 10, insulting to anyone older than that and boring for all.