One Missed Call

Rated 2.0

A succession of fetching young 20-somethings, both male and female, are receiving mysterious cell-phone calls that predict the date, time and (worst of all) sound of their deaths. One of their friends (Shannyn Sossamon) joins the cop brother of the first victim (Edward Burns) to find out what the connection is among them all. Well, there isn’t any, really—it’s just another English-language remake of yet another incomprehensible Japanese horror movie. All the now-standard elements are here—the creepy apparitions, the cheap-shot scares, the mysterious derelict building (this time, a burned-out hospital) that the heroine doesn’t have sense enough not to go into alone. Written by Andrew Klavan and directed by Eric Valette, both matter-of-factly, by the numbers, and with no particular distinction.