Off menu: Bring it on down to burger town


Same address, different bites: It’s difficult to keep track of 1930 K Street, what was once Headhunters and is now Mango’s Antro. And Burger Town.

While the nightclub aspect has always been the focus—the spot transforms into bass-blasting Mango’s in the evening—the daytime restaurant concept has shifted from upscale dining to Mexican eats to, now, burgers. Lots of burgers—14, to be exact.

Apart from one veggie option, each burger boasts a half-pound of meat and various accoutrements in the $7 to $10 range. Intriguing options include the Cilantro Cheese Burger, with a beef patty, six kinds of cheese, avocado, cilantro garlic aioli and tortilla chips; and the Lamb Burger, with feta, roasted garlic, arugula and tzatziki sauce. Burger Town also offers salads, sandwiches and soups; crepes and omelets at brunch; sliders and wings at the bar; and a full-fledged, seven-item fry menu. As in, fries served with grilled chicken, garlic, Parmesan, feta and Caesar dressing; or fries under cheddar, bacon and fried eggs.

Brunch all day erry day: Lines for Sunday brunch at Sacramento mainstays like Tower Cafe and Bacon & Butter prove there’s plenty of local love for lazy, late-morning French toast, eggs Benedict and sides of sausage.

But is there demand for brunch every single day? With no mimosas?

Charlie Cardona and Kevin Hardekopf think so. The pair launched the Brunch Boys food truck late last month, touting creative—and relatively portable—brunch fare. Think fried chicken and waffles, but in sandwich form, with a fried egg, provolone and spicy bacon aioli. And no knife required.

Cardona is classically trained—Le Cordon Bleu in San Francisco—with stints at a few Los Angeles fine-dining restaurants under his belt. But he’s never actually cooked brunch—professionally—before the truck. Instead, he was inspired by the rich brunch culture of San Francisco—French bistro Bisous was a personal favorite.

“I just love it,” he said. “It’s one of my favorite sit-down meals. It’s so fun and social, always with friends or family.”

Brunch Boys’ items cost between $4 and $10, and though the menu is pretty short right now, Cardona plans to add as time goes on. His main focus is figuring out a weekly schedule so folks don’t have to look for his location on Twitter every day. But until then, there’s